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Luxarcare offers the most extensive line of affordable medical laser accessories. Distal laser power calibration and pinpoint laser beam pointing accuracy make these American-made Luxarcare fibers, handpieces and tips one of the safest beam delivery system on the market today.

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Laser tips manufactured by Aesculight and LightScalpel fit all waveguide Luxar lasers unless noted otherwise. Laser handpieces manufactured by Aesculight and LightScalpel exclusively fit fiber waveguides manufactured only by Aesculight and LightScalpel. Laser fiber waveguides manufactured by Aesculight and LightScalpel (surgical & dental lasers) fit all Luxar LX-20, LX-20i, LX-20SI and LX-20SP lasers.

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LightScalpel Flexible Waveguides

LS 9000 Series

The new and improved LightScalpel Flexible Waveguides are the most versatile and cost-effective waveguide solutions for owners of Luxar and Lumenis laser systems.

The LS9000 series waveguides feature improved sterile management, enhanced storage options and more comprehensive support options. Available only from LightScalpel and Luxarcare, this proprietary fiber is rugged and yet very flexible, providing the surgeon with a scalpel-like feel, enhanced beam pointing accuracy, and precise access to the most difficult operating fields. The new waveguides also feature an innovative holster design (see pictures below).

Lightscalpel LS 9000 Waveguides

The advantages of the new holster include improved sterile management and better storage. Relative to the previous two options, the "ring" and the Novascan holster "cone", LightScalpel's design enables the surgeon to conveniently slide the laser handpiece in and out of the new holster while maintaining a sterile field during surgery (holster can be autoclaved to ensure its sterility). The laser handpiece sits tightly in place yet can easily be taken out. Either the original Luxar "ring" on the fiber support arm (FSA) or the LightScalpel holster can be used to hang the fiber on the FSA when the fiber is not in use.

This flexible waveguide is durable and able to withstand use over multiple procedures. It comes with an exclusive 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Available Lengths:
1 meter (PN LS9000-05)
1.5 meter (PN LS9000-06)

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Straight Handpieces

These general-purpose straight rotational handpieces are the most versatile and cost-effective handpiece solutions for owners of Luxar, and Lumenis CO2 flexible-waveguide laser systems. Constructed of long life durable materials such as hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the LightScalpel handpieces are compatible with fibers supplied by Aesculight and LightScalpel and will accommodate all standard metal and ceramic tips from LightScalpel, Aesculight, and Lumenis.
Sterilizable by autoclave. 130 mm length x 9.5 mm diameter.
Laser focal spot diameters: 0.25, 0.4, 0.8 and 1.4 mm.

Straight Rotational Handpiece - Tapered
LS9002-06H-ST-TStraight Rotational Handpiece - Tapered

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Laser tips

These versatile, inexpensive tips provide the clinician with the ability to address the surgical field with pinpoint accuracy and with variety of focal spot sizes: 0.25, 0.4, 0.8, 1.4 mm dia and 0.4x3mm2. Airflow through the tip lumen maintains excellent visibility of the immediate target area.

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Laser tip T-C10

A general-purpose tip for a wide variety of applications including laser incision, laser excision, laser ablation while achieving excellent hemostasis. 0.8mm spot diameter, 10mm extension length. Sterile.

0.8mm spot size ceramic tip, 10mm ext
T-C10LS9005-01 (5 PACK)
0.8mm spot size ceramic tip, 10mm ext

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Laser tip T-C5

This tip is designed primarily for use in angled handpieces, where minimal extension of the tip beyond the handpiece nozzle is desired. 0.8mm spot diameter, 5mm extension length. Sterile.

0.8mm spot size ceramic tip, 5mm ext
T-C5LS9005-04 (5 PACK)
0.8mm spot size ceramic tip, 5mm ext

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Laser tip T-C10SS

The small spot size produced by this tip provides for high-precision ablation and cutting. 0.4mm spot diameter, 10mm extension length. Sterile.

0.4mm spot size ceramic tip, 10mm ext
T-C10SSLS9005-02 (5 PACK)
0.4mm spot size ceramic tip, 10mm ext

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Laser tip T-C10XSS

The very small spot size produced by this tip provides for high-precision ablation and cutting. 0.25mm spot diameter, 10mm extension length. Sterile.

0.25mm spot size ceramic tip, 10mm ext
T-C10XSSLS9005-03 (5 PACK)
0.25mm spot size ceramic tip, 10mm ext

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Laser tip T-005LS

This large spot size tip is suited for high-power, high-speed and high-precision ablation of large area targets with excellent hemostasis. 1.4mm spot diameter, 5mm extension length.

Laser tip T-005LS

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Laser safety


Glasses and goggles that meet ANSI standards for CO2 surgical lasers and personal comfort preferences. Sizes include: 6-inch for children and adults, 5-inch for toddlers, and 4-inch for infants.

EASE-IN-SHIELDSSpecial Eyewear
We now sell EASE-IN-SHIELDS™ by ViewMax Solutions are rated for 10,600 nm CO2 laser wavelength. These shields slip in right behind your loupes or glasses to make them ANSI compliant for CO2 laser use. They can be easily slipped in and out between procedures. Universal fit and coverage allow the shields to fit most faces, loupes and other eye-wear. *EASE-IN-SHIELDS™ is a registered trademark of ViewMax Solutions, LLC.

Laser Masks

Designed specifically for a surgical laser environment and filter airborne particulates greater than .1 micron.

Smoke Evacuation

The Porta PlumeSafe 604 is our most economically priced smoke evacuation unit. Accessories such as tubing, wands, hands-free armstand, and filters are available too. Other models of smoke evacuators with extensive range of accessories are also available.

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*trademarks of and manufactured by Luxar/ESC Medical/Lumenis

**fiber is not sterillizable

Luxarcare LLC continuously improves its products and services - prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Sales tax will be added if applicable.

Aesculight and LightScalpel medical laser accessories are indicated for medical use in the USA for the cleared intended uses and available for veterinary professional use outside of the USA. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to determine the appropriate use of any device.


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